The New Apple iPad Magic Keyboard Arrives…

So, today my new Apple IPad Pro keyboard arrived. I admit I had been mulling purchase and succumbed to temptation. Chuckle

First impression? Well, my initial experiences are positive though I admit I was surprised that you cannot wrap the keyboard to the back of the iPad. The keyboard opens but it doesn’t fold to the back. Rather, it opens to slightly less than 90 degrees. My assumption was it would wrap to the back but my assumptions were incorrect.

The actual keyboard is fabulous, it has really nice key feel though the keys themselves could be rougher, they have a strangely polished feel as you type.

The keypad changes the experience dramatically, this is much more of a laptop experience. One surprising yet welcome change is the lack of heat on my thighs. You’d think this would be minor but frankly it is dramatic.

Laptops tend to roast my thighs, the iPad experience is a welcome respite from such experiences. The keyboard is neutral in temperature, as the CPU is located behind the screen.

Frankly, this experience hints at the future of an Arm based Mac OS X laptop. Would I recommend the new keyboard? Ponders and then answers… Yes.

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